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Our Story

Hello and thank you for your support of US Preventive Medicine (“USPM”). Like all of you, I too am a shareholder and I have been a shareholder since 2006. Our Company has seen a lot of change since 2006 when I made my first investment in the Company. I believed in the Company then and I still believe in it now.

In fact, the Vision Statement and Mission Statement of USPM are still as valid today as when they were first approved as the official Vision Statement and Mission Statement of USPM all those many years ago. Healthcare has changed many times over the years and USPM has changed to meet the changing requirements of individuals, companies and large insurance pools that may be clients of USPM or future clients of USPM. Our Company has not always made these changes smoothly and, in the past, this has cost the Company clients and revenue. However, our Company and the leadership of the Company have learned from our collective mistakes.

Today, the Board and Senior Management of the Company are committed to the success of the Company for all shareholders, staff and clients. We all realize that in order to be successful, we have to have a superior product and a culture that strives to always provide superior client service. As a Company, we have worked diligently to accomplish those two goals and, with a few exceptions, we have met those goals on a consistent basis; however, we have stumbled in other areas. Going forward, the Company will endeavor to resolve issues that have plagued it in the past and; therefore, impacted our ability to generate a consistent revenue stream.

Again, I would like to thank all you for your support and we will continue to strive to always have more good years.

David M. Underwood, Jr.

Chairman, USPM Board of Directors

David Underwood, Jr., ChairmanDavid M. Underwood, Jr.

David M. Underwood, Jr. is currently President and Chief Compliance Officer of Chilton Capital Management LLC in Houston, Texas and President of Chilton Capital Management Trust Company, also in Houston. He has held positions at Duncan-Smith Co. in San Antonio, St. John’s School in Houston and Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. in Houston. Mr. Underwood holds a BA in Economics from Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Mathematics Education from University of Houston. He has been a board member for Palmer Drug Abuse Program, Woodberry Forest School, AIDS Foundation Houston and Houston Methodist Research Institute. He currently holds board positions on the Fondren Foundation, UT Health Development Board, Holly Hall Retirement Community, River Oaks Baptist School Endowment Fund and DBSA Greater Houston. He is also on the advisory boards of AIDS Foundation Houston and Teach Houston. Mr. Underwood’s interests include golf, running and travelling. He is married to Christine M. Underwood and he has two daughters and two sons.

Staff Belief In Our Cause

In an unheard–of gesture of solidarity, USPM staffers have taken over. They have told management to get out of the way and let THEM talk to shareholders. These people are the men and women who work daily with the clients and members of US Preventive Medicine. They are the folks on the front line who know, better than anyone, the huge difference that USPM programs makes in people's lives. They know how we are saving lives, and increasing the quality of life, everyday.

There is a good chance you will be hearing from one of them over the next few days. They are eager to tell you first-hand what they have seen happening at USPM, the difference being made by the new transparent culture and fiscally prudent measures taken by the new leadership.

When they're done talking to you, they'll go back to mentoring and coaching and helping our many customers. But for now, they want to be sure you know the USPM story. Their heartfelt sincerity will touch you and give you even more respect for our mission and why it deserves your continued support. 

Thanks for reading and listening to our story. It is our story too and we hope you will support the next chapter. Use your user name andpassword to enter the shareholder link at the top left, for the rest of the story. Or send an email to

Here's to More Good Years.

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